A Compact Between MHMD and Its Physician Members

With Clinical Integration, MHMD introduced a new model of providing care to the Greater Houston community – an interdependent network of physicians who collaborate with each other and the Memorial Hermann Health System to provide  improved quality, highly efficient, more cost-effective care. The Clinical Integration model demands physician accountability, technology infrastructure, and substantial investment of time and resources by both MHMD and its physicians.

Clinical Integration thus enables the delivery of better care by its physicians, leading to collective negotiating with health plans for contracts that return enhanced value to MHMD physicians. The compact that follows identifies a reciprocal set of commitments and accountabilities between MHMD’s elected leaders and the physician members. It is designed to support the organization and its members to achieve the MHMD strategic vision and build capacity to respond effectively to future challenges and opportunities.

MHMD Physician Compact
Click the image above to download the MHMD Physician Compact.