What Does MHMD Offer Physicians?

MHMD provides member physicians with the resources necessary to run an efficient practice so they can focus on what really matters — patient care. MHMD physicians reap the contracting benefits of large, multi-specialty and single-specialty medical groups without giving up independent practice. With two membership levels, physicians can choose what works best for their practice. Benefits of each membership level are outlined below. We invest in our physicians and take pride in our network.

Clinically Integrated Membership

Clinical Integration (CI) is the model of care coordination and contracting developed by MHMD physicians. This membership level integrates and rewards our physician members around a common commitment to quality measures based on scientific evidence and provides them with a platform to be successful in a value-based, population health environment.

MHMD’s Clinical Integration Program is physician-led, physician-driven and physician-managed. This assures that the group holds itself accountable to the quality standards it establishes, allowing independent and autonomous physicians to take pride in their performance as a group through joint contracting with managed care payers.

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Clinically Affiliated Membership

Clinically Affiliated physician members are aligned with MHMD and Memorial Hermann Health System through service lines, Clinical Programs Committee (CPC) activities and initiatives, and System organization goals and strategies. They commit to practice in a high quality, cost-effective manner, uphold the standards articulated in the MHMD Physician Compact and make every effort to provide or refer care within Memorial Hermann’s network, allowing for optimal care coordination and quality controls. However, they do not participate in managed care contracts through MHMD.

MHMD’s Clinically Affiliated physicians commit to uphold standards of quality recognized and established by the physicians themselves. It is based on best practices approved by the MHMD board of directors that is consistent with scientific evidence and “the right thing to do.”

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Clinically Integrated

Clinically Affiliated

Joint contracting with more than 20 managed care payers



Direct employer contracting



Rigorous credentialing services, exceeding NCQA standards

Payer-Approved Delegated Credentialing


Included in physician network for Memorial Hermann employees

Timely and accurate claims administration and claims conflict resolution


Offered involvement in Clinical Programs Committee to impact clinical quality

Physician profile page on Memorialhermann.org

Online scheduling at a discounted rate

Patient referral from Memorial Hermann’s 222-CARE database

Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs and online medical reference library


Online EMR & patient data from Memorial Hermann hospitals


Discounted EMR solutions for physician practices


Group purchasing power with multiple vendors

Access to discounted rate for Online Reputation Management tool

Support for NCQA and MACRA


Bonus Eligible


Participation in the ACO


Access to discounted Medical Liability Insurance plans