What does MHMD offer employers and payers?

We promise to provide healthcare services that deliver value. Through increased connectivity and adherence to evidence-based medicine, we deliver cost-effective utilization of healthcare resources. As the largest local network of physicians, we offer more choices for employees and plan members. Our 4,800 member physicians are conveniently located throughout Texas and the Greater Houston area.

The MHMD credentialing process carefully screens and evaluates the qualifications of practitioners who provide care to employees and members. We ensure our providers meet the highest standards set forth by accrediting agencies. All of our physicians are board certified so patients can be confident of receiving quality care. Participating physicians hold themselves accountable to one another to provide the best possible and most efficient delivery of care to ensure payers get the most for each healthcare dollar.

In addition, our Employer Solutions team can work with your organization to provide healthcare services for your employees in a way that is customized to your needs. We can stand-up an onsite clinic dedicated solely to providing care to your staff or direct them to our outpatient occupational medicine clinics conveniently located across the Houston market. For more information or to schedule a consultation, send an email to employersolutions@memorialhermann.org.